ConvergeNet Projects Group

Cannes Film Festival 2017


ConvergeNet Cannes Marketing is now accepting submissions of projects for representation and promotion at the Cannes Film Festival and Market 2017, for development, finance, production or sales. Submit a brief summary of your requirements to for an expedient proposal and estimate.

Services include:

  • Target identification and meetings with production, finance and distribution prospects
  • Report of meetings and results
  • Strategically manage on-location marketing and public relations
  • Creative design, production, distribution, and management of print promotion, collateral, ads, live and online promotions
  • Private screenings
  • Promotion parties
  • Beach parties
  • Boat parties
  • Catering
  • Booking and providing live entertainment
  • Hotel, apartment and boat accommodation bookings


ConvergeNet Cannes Marketing
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SKYPE: convergenet.quintess
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